Issue 3 2012

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In this Issue
Letter from the editor
Magnus Gisslén
HIV Nordic Summer Meeting
Per Lundblad
Insulin Resistance and Diabetes mellitus in HIV
Graeme J. Moyle
HIV and Aging: a new era for both patients and physicians
Christine Katlama
Oral doxycycline for syphilis and other spirochetosis in HIV-infected patients
Lars Hagberg
Report from the 19th International AIDS Conference in Washington
José Arribas

Issue 2 2012

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In this issue

Letter from the editor
Magnus Gisslén

Current Guidelines for HIV Care:
Lessons learned at the 2012 International Symposium
on HIV & Emerging Infectious Diseases (ISHEID)
Alain Lafeuillade, Emilie Hope-Rapp, Assi Assi, Gilles Hittinger & Cécile Poggi

How will the new protease inhibitors be used
in the treatment of chronic hepatitis C?
Jean-Michel Pawlotsky

Protease-inhibitor monotherapy and
neurocognitive impairment: Friend or Foe?
José Arribas

Typical cerebrospinal fluid findings
in asymptomatic HIV
Magnus Gisslén & Lars Hagberg

News on HIV and Renal Function
Graeme J. Moyle

HIV primary infection: There is no reason to delay
ART in primary/recent HIV infection anymore
Christine Katlama

Topical Conferences in 2012

Issue 1 2012

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In this issue

Letter from the editor
Magnus Gisslén

How to use Etravirine in clinical practice?
Christine Katlama

Report from CROI 2012 in Seattle
Per Lundblad

Rilpivirine – how should this new NNRTI
be used in the clinic?
Magnus Gisslén

Integrating HAART: The advent of QUAD
José Arribas

HIV and Inflammation
Graeme J. Moyle

Some facts and thoughts on Progressive
Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy (PML)
Paola Cinque

Topical Conferences in 2012

Issue 3 2011

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In this issue

Letter from the editor
Magnus Gisslén

A step towards education and awareness
Interview with Peter Reiss
Per Lundblad

Report from the European Aids Conference/EACS
in Belgrade, Serbia
Per Lundblad

A generic future for HIV therapy?
Graeme J. Moyle

The Times They Are A-Changin’
Update from the AASLD’s Liver Meeting 2011 on
the Management of Hepatitis C Virus Infection
Martin Lagging

EACS Guidelines: Ready for the point of care
José Arribas

Dolutegravir: a next generation integrase inhibitor
Christine Katlama

Topical Conferences in 2012

Issue 2 2011

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 In this issue:

Letter from the editor
By Magnus Gisslén

Update on PCP 
By Lars Hagberg

HIV Cure: a challenge for the millennium
By Christine Katlama

Interferon-free Directly-Acting-Antiviral (DAA)
Combination Therapies for the Treatment of HCV

By Tania M. Welzel & Stefan Zeuzem

Interview with professor Magnus Gisslén
By Per Lundblad

How my clinical practice has changed (or not) after
By José Arribas

Topical Conferences in 2011/2012

Report from the first North European Workshop on
HIV Infection in the CNS (HANSA) 2011
By Urban Carlström

Abacavir and CV risk
By Graeme J. Moyle


Issue 1 2011

Download Issue 1- 2011 (pdf)

In this issue:

Letter from the editor
By Magnus Gisslén

What is the life expectancy of an HIV positive person and what kind of medical problems does he face?
By Niels Obel

Report from CROI in Boston 2011.
By Per Lundblad

Treatment of Hepatitis C in patients with HIV
By Martin Vogel & Jürgen K. Rockstroh

HAND in the cART era, is it a problem?
By Magnus Gisslén

4th International Meeting on HIV Infection and the Central Nervous System – Preliminary Programme

NRTI sparing strategies in antiretroviral naïve patients: the jury is still out.
By José Arribas

Management of visceral adiposity in persons with HIV Infection
By Graeme J. Moyle

To switch or not to switch? – That is the question.
By Christine Katlama

Topical Conferences in 2011