Issue 2 2011

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 In this issue:

Letter from the editor
By Magnus Gisslén

Update on PCP 
By Lars Hagberg

HIV Cure: a challenge for the millennium
By Christine Katlama

Interferon-free Directly-Acting-Antiviral (DAA)
Combination Therapies for the Treatment of HCV

By Tania M. Welzel & Stefan Zeuzem

Interview with professor Magnus Gisslén
By Per Lundblad

How my clinical practice has changed (or not) after
By José Arribas

Topical Conferences in 2011/2012

Report from the first North European Workshop on
HIV Infection in the CNS (HANSA) 2011
By Urban Carlström

Abacavir and CV risk
By Graeme J. Moyle