Aspirin and abacavir?


40 HIV-infected patients on abacavir-containing treatment with platelet hyperreactivity participated in a randomized, placebo-controlled cross-over study of aspirin in combination with abacavir. Platelet hyperreactivity was defined by a score based on laboratory variables reflecting in vivo platelet activation and ex vivo platelet hyperresponsiveness. Patients were randomized to 100 mg aspirin or placebo for 15 days followed by a cross over. The study also included healthy volunteers, untreated HIV patients and HIV-infected patients  treated without abacavir. The results showed that aspirin reduces platelet activation and hyperreactivity significantly. The reduction was significant but total normalization was not achieved.

Falcinelli et al. J Cardio 2017;

Comment: Increased platelet reactivity is the proposed mechanism by which abacavir may be associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Perhaps could low dose aspirin be used in combination with abacavir to reduce the increased risk of cardiovascular  disease?